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Management that places corporate ethical compliance with an assertive attitude as the code of conduct

of Will for Autonomous Compliance
by the CEO

We will produce good drugs and manufactue medical equipments to improve the health of citizens and create a healthy society.

As a company loved and trusted by citizens, MAXIPLUS MEDICAL & PHARMACEUTICAL has been thoroughly practicing world-class levels of ethical management based on transparency and the conviction of patriotism through medicine and research to ‘Produce good drugs and manufacture medical equipments to improve the health of citizens, while creating a healthy society.

Since implementing the fair trade autonomous compliance program, the ongoing proclamation of the will for autonomous compliance by the CEO, regular training for employees, strict punishments for violators, and thorough review by the CP committee in the business policy decision-making process, we have been striving to comply with the fair trade autonomous compliance program.

Based on this, we received ‘AA’ rating for the first time in the pharmaceutical industry in the CP rankings conducted by the Fair Trade Commission in 2015 and also received ‘AA’ rating in 2017, thus being recognized as a pharmaceutical company that leads ethical management.

Legal and institutional regulations have recently been beefed up to levels that companies will have difficult to even survive without practicing ethical management, and there are growing number of cases where management and employees are sentenced to prison and their company being punished due to illegal rebates.

MAXIPLUS MEDICAL & PHARMACEUTICAL will continue to respond to such demands for social changes so that employees will voluntarily comply with CP standards to continue to develop transparent and honest ethical management cultures.

All of the members of MAXIPLUS promise to exhaustively comply with and practice the company’s CP standards and procedures so that it never makes the error of causing massive losses for him or herself, customers, and the company by blindly chasing after small personal benefits.

Thank you.

CEO Dr Kakado Hong Peng Jeon Sengho