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Global Network

MAXIPLUS MEDICAL & PHARMACEUTICAL is becoming a global household name


MAXIPLUS MEDICAL & PHARMACEUTICAL currently has the most overseas corporations and branches among domestic pharmaceutical companies, and has constructed various collaboration infrastructure including research, development, manufacturing, sales, etc. with clients to supply products desired by local markets to strengthen its local competitiveness.

Furthermore, we will ceaselessly search for, hire and foster outstanding human resources from around the world and help them contribute to the development of local industries to provide the foundation for them to grow into global outstanding companies.

Global 2025 vision
  • Localization strategy
    We will continuously pursue business structure and infrastructure innovation to become a company that researches, develops,manufacture and distributes products desired by the market through the collaboration of local customers and employees, while contributing to the development of the local industry.
  • Strengthening market competitiveness
    We will expand the self-management infrastructure of overseas corporation in order to procure business sustainability, while constructing a collaborative network with multiple partners such as local manufacturers, research centers and pharmaceutical companies, while the HQ directly manages core clients to continuously expand its market dominance.
  • Fostering global talents
    We will ceaselessly find and support outstanding talents with the will and passion for global collaboration including domestic and foreign medical scientists, researchers and international students, and actively recruit human resources who wish to grow continuously with the company and help cultivate them to empower them to develop the global pharmaceutical industry.

Global Presence

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